Ministry & Worship Service planning


1) The greatest commandment given to us is to love the Lord God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength. Included within His commands to the church are worship, teaching doctrine, prayer, fellowship for encouragement and usage of spiritual gifts, and the ordinances – communion and baptism. All of these are done better in person, some require physically meeting together, and a few  can be done to a limited extent by virtual means.

2) The second greatest command is to love our neighbors as ourselves, and for us as believers, to love the brethren as Christ has loved us. While the vast majority of people are not at risk, we will provide reasonable alternatives for those that are at risk and those uncomfortable in an unrestricted environment. Should a disease pose a threat again in the future, we will follow and advocate actual medical science in developing our protocols for meeting.

3) Should governments impose restrictions on us again, we will follow the counsel from the law groups willing to back us up in determining the manner in which we conduct our various in-person ministries to the maximum extent possible.



1. All surfaces subject to normal touching by hands are disinfected before any meeting begins. We have installed UVc lights in to the HVAC system to disinfect the air circulating through the building.

2. We ask anyone that is not feeling well to please stay home and stream / zoom the worship service or Bible Study. The Sunday worship service can be broadcast via FM radio upon request so that you may listen to it in your car.

3. We ask people to follow normal practices of good hygiene. We have antiseptic hand cleaner available at each entry. It is also good practice to wash your hands or use antiseptic hand cleaner when you leave a public setting.

4. Seating upstairs has been returned to normal. There is one mask only room downstairs available upon request for those uncomfortable being in an unrestricted environment.

5. We have an RN on duty for any medical need that should arise. Contact an usher or security personnel to get medical attention.

B) SUNDAY MORNING DRIVE -IN  / OUTDOOR WORSHIP SERVICES for those at risk or uncomfortable being inside.

Low power FM radio transmission can be provided upon request, so this option is available even in inclement weather. You can use your car radio or the radio in our outdoor pavilion.  (Station number is given out at the service)

The Morning Worship Service is streamed on our youtube channel (Click here). The Sermon Notes for the powerpoint will be posted on the website prior to the service. (Link is on the left side bar toward the top). The sermon is posted to later in the week.

All of our small group ministries meet in person with some also having an option to join remotely via ZOOM for those that are sick or logistically unable to attend in person. Please check your email or contact the church office for the links to any particular meeting, and check with the head of any particular ministry to see if they are also meeting live.

Please check your email or our website for updates on our various ministries.