Tentative Sermon Schedule

2024 Sermon Tentative Schedule – A.M

Updated February 20, 2024

Date Music / Special Text Title/Point of Sermon
2/25 Baptism – Ruthie Terman Zechariah 5-6 Judgment, Wickedness, Peace and the Coronation. The next three night visions and the coronation of Joshua – The Flying Scroll (5:1-4), The Woman & the Ephah (5:5-11), The Four Chariots (6:1-8), The Coronation of Joshua (6:9-15)
3/3 Testimony – Cris Hanganu Hebrews 12:3-11 Phil Jordan preaching – Endurance through Discipline
3/10 Romans 12 Shepherd’s Conference – Jim Phelan
3/17 Selected Scripture True Worship: The Use of Hands, Voice & Feet
3/24 Zechariah 7-8 Ritual or Reality? The question about fasting results in a rebuke for letting worship become mere ritual abut ends with the reality of hope in being restored to God’s favor and true worship. Through Messiah, Israel would be a blessing for all people.
4/7 Zechariah 9-10 God’s Grace on Israel – God punishes the enemies of Israel while protecting her (9:1-9). His provision through the first advent (9:9) and His promises regarding the second advent (9:10-10:12)
4/14 TBD Randy Ryan. Pastor away at Family Reunion to give memorial service for his dad
4/21 Zechariah 11 Two Shepherds – The Good Shepherd and the False Shepherd – the First Advent and the Coming Antichrist
4/28 Zechariah 12 First Look at Armageddon: Jerusalem, The Cup of Reeling – Israel’s enemies gather to attack, but the Lord strikes them, strengthening Judah and pouring out His spirit to bring about mourning and repentance. .
5/5 Communion Zechariah 13 Second Look at Armageddon: Spiritual Awakening & Purging – The Spirit changes the hearts of the remnant. It begins with mourning over their rejection of Messiah, it continues in cutting off the idols, the false prophets will cease
5/12 TBD MOTHER’s DAY (An introduction to a series on marriage?)
5/19 Zechariah 14

Malachi 4

Third Look at Armageddon: Messiah Returns and Establishes His Reign – He vanquishes His enemies and establishes His holy reign.

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