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Links to Other Sites of Interest

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IFCA International

Links to Other Sites of Interest

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Bible Study Tools & Resources 

Bible Explorer –  Free Bible Study Software (Publishers of WORDsearch & LESSONmaker)

Bible Knowledge Accelerator – Biblical History, Study tools, Software

Bible Lessons International: Free exegetical commentary in written, audio and video formats. A ministry of ministry of Dr. Bob Utley, Professor of  Hermeneutics

Bible Sprout – an educational christian website focused on helping people know more about God’s truth through reliance on scripture.)

Biblical Studies Foundation – Bible Study tool

Bible Study Tools – Crosswalk –  Internet based – Commentaries, Concordances, Bible Dictionaries, Bible Encyclopedias, Lexicons, Sermon Helps, History volumes all available online. – a free version of the Bible created specifically for users with vision disabilities. The Bible versions available are  optimized for screen readers and braille displays, tailored to individuals with low vision, color blindness, and any other sight impairment.

Biblos Bible Study Tools –  Internet based – Multilingual: Atlas, Bibles, Chronologies, Commentaries, Concordances, Bible Dictionaries, Bible Encyclopedias, Lexicons, Measures, People, Places, Topics

Blue Bible Resources – Internet based study aides – Mulitiple English translations as well as Greek and Hebrew texts. Commentaries. Concordances in most versions. Timelines. Charts, Outlines. Introductions. Lexicons. Dictionaries & Encyclopedia’s. The site has an very quick search engine for word searches and Greek and Hebrew words.  

Christian History Resources – A webpage with links to 99 personal and professional websites that explore all aspects of Christian History from a wide variety of perspectives ranging from conservative and theologically sound to liberal and academically speculative.

Commentary Evaluations from a variety of sources. States the type of commentary, year written with links for finding many of them for acquisition.

E-Sword – Free Bible Study Software 

Early Christian Writings – extensive collection of the writings of Christians up to about A.D. 300

Gordan College Biblical Resources – Links to journals, articles – especially OT.  Mastering NT Greek resource.  New England Religious History

Great Treasures – Includes Parallel versions and Greek text with helps.

Greek / Hebrew interlinear Bible –  Download software files free

Precept Ministries – Bible Study Ministry

Precept – Austin – Lots of Bible study aids including Word studies, Reference searches, Bible maps & pictures, Commentaries, Greek aids, and more.  

Christian Book Stores / Publishers

Grace Books International



Rose Publishing

Scripture Truth

Apologetic Resources 

Answers In Genesis – Creation Science Apologetics

Antithesis – A very thought provoking site.

Apologetics Index – Information on Cults, Sects and Religious movements

Berean Beacon – Resources for Catholics looking for Biblical Truth; Resources for evangelism of Roman Catholics.

Christian Answers –  a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities with over 45-thousand files

Center for Scientific Creation  – Creation Science Apologetics featuring Dr. Walt Brown’s book, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood 

 Creation Ministries International – Creation Science Apologetics

Crucial Questions – Answers to the crucial questions of life  – in PDF format

Institute for Creation Research (ICR) – Creation Science Apologetics

Institute for Religious Research – Information on various cults

 Just for Catholics – Answers Biblical and Religious questions by Catholics

Please Convince Me –  Fresh, well-written, winsome, and attractively formatted articles  about the gospel and other major issues of life.

The Passion Of The Christ Bible Studies and Links

The True Origin Archive – Exposing the Myth of Evolution

The Emperor Has No Clothes – Detecting Design / Refuting Evolution

Utah Lighthouse – Compares Mormonism with Biblical Christianity

Watchman Fellowship – A Christian counter culture watchdog  – Exposing cults and heretics

Watchtower Information Services – Exposes Jehovah Witness Cult

Worldwide Flood – Research on The Flood & Noah’s Ark 

 Christian Organizations: Ministries / Schools / Missions / etc. – A wealth of practical resources and thought provoking articles from missionaries and pastors all over the world.  

American Family Association – Christian Social & Political Advocacy – The truth about abortion, how to end it, and the gospel. A good site for anyone considering an abortion

Biblical Ministries Worldwide – A mission ministry whose purpose is to serve the Lord and the local church
by establishing reproducing churches through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.

Christian Development Ministries  – Bible Study Resources by Elizabeth George & Jim George

Discipleland – Sunday School Curricula

Generations of Grace – Sunday School Curricula

Grace to You – Radio Ministry of John MacArthur – many helpful resources

Growing Families International – Christian Parenting Resources

Home School Legal Defense Association – 

College Guide for Homeschool Students

IFCA International

Jewish Awareness Ministries

Learn Biblical Greek – Free & inexpensive Greek programs

Multiplication Ministries – Discipleship materials

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms – NY Christian Lobby Organization

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation – Educational Arm of NYCF above

 The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministries

The Masters Seminary – Pastor Harris’ alma mater


Evangelism Resources 

Crucial Questions – Tracts in PDF format answering the crucial questions of life 

Gospel Outreach International to Roman Catholics  – Tracts, Evangelism help

Ray Comfort – Living Waters Publications – Tracts, Evangelism help

Moments With the Book –  An array of gospel tracts

Please Convince Me –  Fresh, well-written, winsome, and attractively formatted articles  about the gospel and other major issues of life.

 Sermon & Christian Library Sites

Bible Bulletin Board – Sermons by MacArthur, Spurgeon, J.C.Ryle & More

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Christian Books in Electronic Format

Grace to You – Radio Ministry of John MacArthur – many helpful resources

 Christian Sites of General Interest,
Sites with Extensive Links

Crosswalk– Christian Home Page – News, Study Tools, Links, Directories

Gospelcom – Christian Home Page – News, Study Tools, Links, Directorie   Recommended  ISP Provider

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